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JGD-BizElite responsive magazine layout

JGD-BizElite is a free responsive/fixed theme with premium features. Ideal for a small business website, JGD-BizElite is packed with options. Customizer theme modifications include WordPress’s custom header for logo, custom menus and background. Additional Customizer options give you the ability to hide the post date, tag and category links, and change the footer text. Choose between eight layouts and six color schemes.

General Features:

  • Clean, simple design
  • Support for a custom header background or logo up to 1920 pixels wide
  • Ability for a blog owner to change the background behind the website as well as other customizations listed in the Customizer Options section below
  • Threaded comments support
  • Post image thumbnail support on home and single post pages
  • Custom menus
  • Widget ready
  • 404 error page
  • Custom Author page
  • Compatibility for responsive videos with the addition of the Jetpack plugin
  • Passes the Theme Check plugin test

Customizer Options:

  • Ability to hide post date, category and tag links
  • Ability to disable comments at the click of a checkbox
  • Choose between eight layouts and six color schemes
  • You can hide default page decorations and change the color behind the content area
  • Customize the text for the two dropdown menus in the front end (this is useful with the Custom Menu feature
  • Customize the footer with HTML

JGD-BizElite has a new look for version 1.2! Check it out in the updated screenshots below!


Theme version: 1.2
Works with WordPress version: 4.2+
Tested in browsers: Firefox (Linux), Chrome (Linux)
Questions?/Fixes?: Use contact form below
Fixed/Fluid Layout?: Responsive/Fluid/Fixed
Width: variable
Portfolio/Contact: www.jgpws.com/portfolio

Download JGD-BizElite from WordPress.org

How to Install this theme

Screenshots and Theme Preview


0.2 (10/28/13 to 10/29/13)

Updated the custom header to be compatible with WordPress 3.4 by using add_theme_support(‘custom-header’).

Updated the custom background (color) to be compatible with WordPress 3.4 by using add_theme_support(‘custom-background’).

Changed the Recent Posts default widget to use a WP_Query object, rather than query_posts() (this saves on http requests).

Placed the widgetized sidebars inside of functions, as described on the Widgetizing Themes page.

Changed references to body.home to body.blog in the magazine stylesheets, as body.home did not render the posts side by side. (body.home doesn’t take into account a blog with a static home page setting, body.blog takes both static and posts front page settings into account).

Added the script fluidVideo.js that shrinks and expands a video to the size of its parent container. Thanks go to CSS-Tricks.com for this script.

0.2.1 (12/05/14)

Updated header title to newer standard using a filter for specific pages. Changed tag displayed in Administration panel description.

1.0 (01/15/16)

JGD-BizElite has been revised enough to warrant a new version (1.0).
I Placed desktop layout styles inside of media queries for a responsive and fixed sidebar design for each of the layouts. Switched all theme options to use the Customizer, eliminating the jbe-options.php admin page. Eliminated the “Custom HTML” feature for the theme; this will be created as a plugin which I am working on. Added “up to top” and “down to bottom” buttons for tablet/mobile screen widths that scroll up to the top of the page and the sidebar (at the bottom), respectively.

Support has been added for Title_Tag, which in the future will allow plugins to customize header titles. A filter is currently used as a fallback.

1.1 (04/06/16 – 04/11/16)

Updated the Continue Reading links to have a more cohesive look with other elements in the design. Made the text and header links colored to a dark variant of each color in the Customizer Styles. Adjusted other elements with a darker color as well. Made form controls cleaner and changed the color of outlines to a medium gray. Added whitespace to buttons and text fields.

Made the backgrounds for each color scheme consistent with the default color scheme. Fixed more incosistent layout issues (floated content div making content expand outside of its container).

1.1.1 (04/20/16)

Fixed rendering issue in mobile view with Reply link; fixed display problem with author.php template– incorrectly named function calls were causing the page to be cut off prematurely; Got rid of the 120px height for custom header in mobile view, as this cut off long subtitles.

1.1.2 (08/28/16)

Prefixed all functions and Customizer settings/controls with jbe_, so as not to conflict with other themes or plugins.

1.1.3 (10/16)

Prefixed Customizer and other functions with the text domain (jgd-bizelite). Removed browser title bar functions and filter for full support of the title-tag theme support. Used wp_add_inline_style instead of a function to reference a template directory path in an external JavaScript file. More minor fixes.

1.1.4 (02/25/17)

Added esc_url() wrapper for all references to home_url(‘/’); Added translation functions to strings in author.php, sidebar.php, comments.php, 404.php; Updated licensing information for scripts and the screenshot in readme.txt; Fixed searchform widget width to fit the sidebar correctly.

1.1.5 and 1.1.6 (03/04/17)

Changed searchform widget again to account for title; Added escaping wrappers to attributes in jgd_bizelite_header_style function and in footer.php; Added translations to various strings; Replaced titles in Archive, Category, Author and Tag templates; Moved enqueueing of comment-reply script from the header to functions.php; Moved all add_theme_support calls into the jgd_bizelite_setup function, which hooks to after_setup_theme; Removed empty Languages folder.

1.1.7 (03/07/17)

Added more escaping to author.php. Missing escaping and translation wrappers added to sidebar.php.

1.1.8 (05/11/17)

Added escaping to a few more functions; rearranged code in functions.php, so wp_enqueue_style did not have to be called a second time for wp_add_inline_style; Used the_archive_description in author.php; Fixed readme.txt to include proper licensing terminology; fixed CSS issues in the sidebar using the Monster Widget plugin.

1.2.0 (11/30/17 to 12/06/17)

Substituted a single SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image sprite in place of all background images. An SVG will look clear in high definition screens, while a single image will save on http requests. Set a max-width of 1280 pixels for the #wrapper div. Set a new default background color in Customizer of dark gray.

Fixed Pages and Category menus to use buttons for dropdowns, used absolute positioning on the menus, so that the headings don’t stretch after clicking them; Adjusted the blog title and subtitle to have a semi-transparent colored background for better contrast against background header images.

Made new functions for the color switch statements in jgd_bizelite_customizer-frontend.php. Updated the live preview to account for the new site title background design when a custom header image is shown.

Fixed magazine stylesheets to account for the new maximum width. Adjusted gallery images in magazine layouts to fit.

1.2.1 (12/08/17)

Bug fix: made the default background behind the blog title and subtitle match the design for “Black (default)” when chosen in the Customizer.

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  1. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough tiume locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an
    e-mail. I’ve ggot some creative idea for your blog you might be interesdted in
    hearing. Eiher way, great website and I lookk foward to seeing it expand over time.

  2. Ray B says:

    JGD BizElite looks very promising. We are considering migrating from LightCMS to WordPress and this could be the template we need.

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