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JGD-BizElite to use the Customizer


Major changes are on the way for JGD-BizElite. It is currently being converted to use the Customizer instead of a theme options page. The process will take a while, because the Custom HTML portion will be better suited for a separate plugin, so I will first have to learn how to create a plugin for this functionality. The Custom HTML section will be able to be used on any WordPress theme. In addition, I would like to include CSS addition capabilities for it.

The theme would be version numbered 0.3 at the completion of the process. Eventually, I want to make the theme a hybrid responsive and fixed design, with fixed sidebars and a fluid content area. That will happen in the near future. In the meanwhile, here are screenshots of progress so far.

JGD-BizElite Customizer- Layout

The Customizer in JGD-BizElite, showing the Layout and Style options

JGD-BizElite Customizer single

Disabling of comments checkbox that only displays when single post is in the preview screen

Hide Post date, Category and Tag link checkboxes not displayed for Pages

“Hide Post date, Category and Tag link” checkboxes not displayed for Pages; these links don’t show on Pages

The backend code will make use of active callbacks, which only displays sections or controls based on the context of the current preview screen. For example, in my theme, comments are only found on single posts, so the checkbox to hide (disable) them only shows up while previewing a single post. See Otto’s article “What’s new with the Customizer” for more information. Since active callbacks require version 4.0 and above, that will be the minimum requirement for the new version of JGD-BizElite.

Stay tuned as this may be released soon.

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