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JGD-Black GTK3 Theme Coming Soon


As all of my readers know, a while back I created the JGD-Black GTK+2 Linux desktop theme. Now, I’ve created a GTK+3 theme to match. Unfortunately, it will only work with GNOME versions 3.20 and upwards, since I switched to Arch as my main system. If you are on Arch or any other rolling release distribution, you are good to go. Some screenshots with captions of JGD-Black are below:


JGD-Black, shown in GTK3 Widget Factory


SpaceFM file manager shown. Even though this theme’s menus paint their own shadows, the ones shown here are provided by the Compton compositor

I’m going to release JGD-Black in about a week, but if you sign up for my newsletter, you can get it right now! To sign up, just provide your email address and click Subscribe in the right sidebar.

Otherwise, you can wait a week and it will be available at Github.

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