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Cloud and Dedicated Server

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Cloud and Dedicated Server – The Perfect Mix For Digital Business Model

Cloud is a large (possibly virtual) ecosystem of servers, storage capacity, processing power, RAM, hosting servers, software – all at your disposal. You don’t have to purchase physical hardware to host your applications or maintain your infrastructure.

Speed, scalability and cost are the main benefits of the cloud. Especially, SMEs can find performance, safety and management and pay for what they use. However, if you are looking for optimum performance and data intensive applications, dedicated server is a better choice than cloud.

The biggest difference with the cloud is that a dedicated server is a physical server that you buy or rent. Your company is the only one who uses it, so your data is secure, and you are always assured that the full capacity you have purchased is at your disposal. If you use a lot of I/O intensive applications such as databases or Big Data platforms, then a dedicated server is ideal for your business.

The advantages of dedicated server:

  • A dedicated server is a physical server in your state or your supplier while the cloud is a network of servers that can be anywhere
  • You can use the cloud to access your information within a few minutes of your resources while it can take days or weeks on a dedicated server to configure all
  • Also, upgrading RAM, storage capacity and processing power is faster in the cloud than a dedicated server
  • A dedicated server is especially suited for demanding applications and large databases, or if you want guaranteed performance. The cloud is for the other activities and is the most cost effective solution
  • Your cloud servers allow you to manage your smartphone or tablet while on the go. With a dedicated server, you must log in using a computer on the dedicated server
  • If you are required to make the highest demands regarding data security and compliance, then you are probably better suited for dedicated hardware than the cloud

Cloud & Dedicated Server – Best Solution

Cloud computing represents a new, flexible way for users to make use of infrastructure. In this model, users draw on a pool of configurable computing resources that they share with others.

Users use these resources per hour basis and only pay for what they actually use. The service provider manages the underlying server, storage and other components so that users who are creating value-added activities such as new applications or running existing applications can focus.

Dedicated server service represents a very advantageous option for accommodation in costs enabling you to configure firewalls, virtual servers, and storage from one of the virtual hosting platforms. Organizations enjoy the benefits of virtualization technology, reduced CAPEX, simplified updates and dynamic changes. They also provide stable performance and an appropriate infrastructure.

Naturally, it’s not always so black/white for you to choose between one and the other option. The benefits of a dedicated server may therefore very well be used to compensate for the downside of the cloud. Where you need to choose low cost and scalability, you can manage your resources with the cloud. If are looking for higher requirements, efficient and stable platform for critical customer applications, you can use the dedicated server.

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