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Suburban Warmth


Suburban Warmth is a Sandbox skin based on the Clean and Plain design. This is a very simple and elegant design that works well for real estate and home design company blogs.

Features include:

  • A left aligned sidebar
  • A warm split complementary color scheme
  • Sidebar and post decorations
  • As of version 0.2, an option to upload a custom header image
  • As of version 0.2, support for WordPress 2.7 threaded comments
  • Adsense friendly, with instructions on how to place code found in readme.txt.


Theme version: 0.2
Works with WordPress version: 2.7+
Tested in browsers: Firefox 3.6, Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 7
Fixed/Fluid layout?: Fixed
Minimum Width/Width: 960 pixels
Questions?/Fixes?: Use contact form below
Portfolio/Contact: www.jgpws.com/portfolio

Download “Suburban Warmth theme download” suburban-warmth022.zip – Downloaded 350 times – 524 KB

How to Install this theme

* I just realized the folder structure for all of my themes is probably zipped incorrectly. The folder structure should be folder.zip > folder, instead it is folder_zip.zip > folder_zip > folder. Themes may not install correctly using WordPress’s theme Upload feature. Each theme’s folder structure has now been corrected.

Screenshots and Live Preview


0.2 (5/10/11)

Added support for WordPress 2.7’s Custom Header, giving users the option to upload their own header background from the Admin panel.

0.2 (5/11/11)

Adjusted functions.php to point the return statements to the images folder for Adsense placeholders; now, placeholder shortcodes will work out of the box, without users having to upload the files to their Media folder. *Note- uploading a file to the Media folder is still required for tower ad placeholder in a text widget.

0.2.1 (5/14/11)

Changed “Suburban Warmth” title in the footer into a link to it’s page at Jason G. Designs.

0.2.2 (6/9/11)

Tested for large photo and changed entry-content div to overflow-y in stylesheet, allowing for large photos to be scrolled.

Internet Explorer 7 layout fix is incorporated into this version of the theme.

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1 Comment

  1. jgpws says:

    While checking out this theme in Internet Explorer 7, I saw that the width of the content area around the post sections was thrown off by the changes to header.php (I don’t have a clue as to why having a local copy of header.php rather than using Sandbox’s would throw the layout off).

    Instead of updating another theme version, I could just give the fix here, as it is simple.

    Open ie.css (found in the theme’s folder) and change

    div.post {
    width: 661px;


    div.post {
    width: 611px;

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