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Designer Ties Now Available at JGD’s Tees


Need a new tie just in time for the holidays? Try these beautiful ties offered by JGD’s Tees at Zazzle. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, these ties make a statement for your formal wear. Below, I present a selection of tie designs and links to each product line page.

Striped Ties

Clean, sleek and contemporary– these are words that describe the look of striped ties. JGD’s Tees is proud to showcase our striped tie collection. Available in large and thin stripes and a variety of colors, these ties will give your suit that modern edge.

Raspberry Thin Striped Necktie
Raspberry Thin Striped Necktie by jgdstees
See more Striped Ties
Price (as of 2012): $30.65
Dark Green Large Striped Neckties
Dark Green Large Striped Neckties by jgdstees
Browse through more neckties from Zazzle.
Price (as of 2012): $31.00

See more striped ties at JGD’s Tees

Plaid Ties

Nothing says classic like plaid. Add old fashioned charm to your suits, dress shirts or even a traditional vest. With a variety of color schemes, the possibilities are endless.

Dark Gray Plaid Ties
Dark Gray Plaid Ties by jgdstees
See more Plaid Ties
Price (as of 2012): $31.00
Dark Red Plaid Neck Ties
Dark Red Plaid Neck Ties by jgdstees
Browse Plaid Ties
Price (as of 2012): $31.00

Shop for plaid ties at JGD’s Tees

Square Pattern Ties

Our unique square pattern ties offer a dynamic look that suggests action. They are designed with complementary color schemes.

Browse JGD’s Tees Square Pattern product line

Almost Grays Ties

The Almost Grays collection of ties are a spin on the square pattern designs. These ties are represented by gray mixed with a very slight color tint, creating a variety of warm and cool hues.

Almost Grays- Cool Violet Neckwear
Almost Grays-
Cool Violet Neckwear
by jgdstees
View other Square pattern Ties Price (as of 2012): $31.00

Purchase the Almost Grays collection at JGD’s Tees

Geometric Pattern Ties

Tan/Gold Triangles Neckties
Tan/Gold Triangles Neckties by jgdstees
Check out more ties on zazzle.
Price (as of 2012): $31.35
Gray Geometric Quarter Circle Necktie
Gray Geometric Quarter Circle Necktie by jgdstees
Browse more Geometric Ties
Price (as of 2012): $31.35

More Geometric Ties are available at JGD’s Tees

Looking more for holiday themed ties? These will be on the way in the next post. Stay tuned.

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