Designer Tablet Cases

In Web 2.0 Styling

Gray Cyberspace Web 2.0 style iPad case

Protect your precious iPad with these customizable cases. Whether you are using the tougher hard shell cases or a softer Rickshaw sleeve, now you can carry your mobile device in a case as stylish as your device itself. Offered through Zazzle, the cases are almost endlessly customizable; you can change the lining and binding color on sleeves and device type. You can also add custom text to put your name on your case (or someone else’s for an awesome gift).

  • Protect your valuable investment from nicks, breaks and scratches
  • Buy custom items not found in stores
  • Choose from five color schemes
  • Each case has openings for your iPad’s ports, plugs and buttons

Mobilize your iPad In Style with a Custom Case

Please read the disclosure statement before purchasing.

Case prices start from $47.45.

Sleeve prices start from $54.60.

Disclosure: All of the links in this post are my own affiliate links leading to my Zazzle store, JGD’s Tees. If a purchase is made as a result of clicking the graphic and text links, I make a commission from the item itself, as well as a referral commission.

*Each of the images on the products above are of my own design.