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About Me:

Jason Gonzalez is a 2005 bachelor’s degree graduate of Mt. Sierra College’s Multimedia Design program. I have two websites that I own jgpws.com and JGD’s Tees. Built from the ground up, jgpws.com features a Tutorials section, my portfolio and What Goes Up, a thrill ride fansite. My Zazzle store, JGD’s Tees features custom designed apparel, mugs and more with a humorous twist.

In addition, I have a separate WordPress.com blog also titled JGPWS Tutorials. I have written tutorials and articles for Squidoo and E-Zine Articles as well.

About This Blog:

Jason G. Designs features a free WordPress themes section and Articles section featuring original writings, tutorials, pointers to other articles and Cafepress templates. In addition, the wpthemedemo subdomain features a WordPress theme preview with a theme switcher. These themes are available for free download.

*Since I do not have access to a premium Cafepress store anymore, I will not be offering Cafepress templates. The ideas I did have will likely be converted to WordPress themes.