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JGD-Spring Awakening is Being Updated for GTK 3.20+


JGD-Spring Awakening was a Linux (GTK) theme I designed in 2016. At the time, I was using Lubuntu with GNOME version 3.10 for its GTK applications. Ever since I switched to Arch, a rolling release, I have been using the latest version available. Many GTK theme developers know that up to version 3.18, themes were broken with each update. I was lucky to have missed the boat on that.

Still, while developing other themes, I kept staring at JGD-Spring Awakening, undeveloped and broken. I told myself I will get around to it after working on some other projects. That time has come, although the theme update is still in development. In the meanwhile, here is a screenshot of the work in progress with two “non window managered” GTK themes.

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+3 theme

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+3 theme in Compiz

Unfortunately, unlike in the screenshots depicted on gnome-look, I couldn’t get the custom coloring software for the AwOken icons to work, so I couldn’t get the custom green colored icons. Also, with this icon set, I couldn’t get the close icon in the upper right to not be rendered. This all may make sense, as development for the AwOken icon set has been discontinued. It’s still an attractive icon set that works well with this theme.

Keep an eye on the theme’s homepage or the gnome-look page for the updated information soon…

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