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Update for The M.X.


You may already know, but a while back I announced an upcoming WordPress theme–The M.X. This was almost a year ago!

At the time I started working on other projects, such as Linux themes. I haven’t forgotten about this theme. There is a lot of work going into The M.X. to make it feature rich for its future audience. So far, I’ve customized the Colorbox theme with new CSS, and added support for most of the WordPress Post Formats, complete with Skrollr animated titles. Also, other small CSS tweaks were added here and there.

Some other plans on the horizon for The M.X.:

  • Alternate color scheme and possible custom colors
  • Optional CSS and animate.css animations still need to be added
  • I’m considering alternate layouts including a grid layout for image posts
  • Another consideration is a Customizer option that presents blog Single pages with Galleries as a slider. I had in mind a Real Estate website that wants to display several images of a property. The parent layout can show galleries as the Featured Post image

The screenshots below depict some of the new progress. The images and videos depicted in the screenshots are part of the WordPress Theme Unit Test Data.


The M.X. Colorbox custom CSS theme


Image Post Format

Captioned image

A Post Thumbnail image with a caption. If a post thumbnail exists, it is shown instead of the first post image.

YouTube video

The Video post format with a YouTube video

Audio Post Format

The Aside and Status Post Formats

My plans for The M.X. are to release it here at Jason G. Designs and then submit it to wordpress.org. Because of the time it takes for a theme to be reviewed, I would like to offer it here ahead of time. Having said that, it will be as is. Sometimes in the midst of a lot of code, a theme reviewer will probably find some things I might have missed, even though I’ll do my best to make my themes as safe and up to WordPress standards as possible.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of The M.X.

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