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JGD-Black GTK+3


JGD-Black is a theme collection for GTK applications and Openbox. This collection will style your desktop with glass buttons, pure black top level menus, subtle gray shadows and borders.

With this theme package, you get GTK 2, GTK 3.20 and Openbox themes.


Head over to the JGD-Black GitHub page for download and installation information by following the button link below:

JGD-Black at GitHub


JGD-Black GTK3 theme

JGD-Black latest version in GTK3 Widget Factory

JGD-Black in SpaceFM. The updated look of menu highlighting is shown here.

JGD-Black in SpaceFM. The updated look of menu highlighting is shown here

Two window screens, showing Openbox's inactive window feature

Two window screens, showing Openbox’s inactive window feature

JGD-Black GTK theme

This shot shows the new dark variant.

Bluefish text editor

JGD-Black dark variant with Bluefish text editor. The background behind the textview has been lightened

The menu screenshots reflect the styling of a previous iteration. I toned down the contrast of menu and treemenu highlighting, to make the shades easier on the eyes.

In the newest version, I added padding around client side decorated windows to allow for “grab handles” around the windows. Before, because there was no padding, the windows weren’t resizable. I also added drop shadows around the top level window, using the .csd class, which appears only in windowing environments that support compositing. Also, the look now more closely matches its Openbox counterpart.

Additionally, I added a new dark variant. To use the dark variant in applications, you can specify dark themes with Gnome Tweak, or enter this into the file located at /.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini:

gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme = true

To reverse the theme back to normal, just reverse this back to false. Note that this setting will probably apply to any current theme that has a dark variant.

The wallpaper shown in the background is Protruding Traingles- Arch. There are two versions, one with the Arch official logo and one without.

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