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JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+

JGD Spring Awakening logo


Download and installation instructions for JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 are at gnome-look.org.

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 at gnome-look.org
JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 3 at gnome-look.org


GTK2, GTK3 themes

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK2 and GTK3 themes, side by side

First of all, an apology may be in order. The GTK+ 2 version of this theme has been around for more than a year! However, I forgot to post here on my blog. The good news is there is now a GTK2 and GTK3 version of JGD Spring Awakening. More screenshots are on each theme’s gnome-look page.

I made some adjustments to the GTK2 version on my local computer and a few more are on the way. The GTK2 look will be brought more in line with the look of the GTK3 version.

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