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JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+

JGD Spring Awakening logo


*JGD-Spring Awakening has now been updated for GTK version 3.20+!

Download and installation instructions for JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 are at gnome-look.org.

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 at gnome-look.org
JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 3 at gnome-look.org


JGD-Spring Awakening theme

File chooser in latest version of JGD-Spring Awakening. Treeview row striping is no longer supported in GTK theming (for now)

JGD-Spring Awakening theme

JGD-Spring Awakening in GTK3 Widget Factory

JGD-Spring Awakening theme

Screenshot in Compiz showing two client side decorated windows and their backdrops

GTK2, GTK3 themes

JGD-Spring Awakening GTK2 and GTK3 themes, side by side

After a long while, I finally updated this theme to work with GTK, version 3.20. You can get this theme package from gnome-look, or if you want to skip an extra click, you can download it directly from GitHub. Just grab the file with the latest date.

About the Icons

Before, with this theme, I was using a customized AwOken icon set. Since there were issues with the AwOken icons rendering over the top of the close button on client side decorated windows, I switched to the Numix icons.

The reason why is that there is an external program that allows you to customize the icon colors similar to AwOken. It is called Numix Folders. The easiest way for me to download this was through Arch’s user repository with yaourt. I simply typed in numix folders and then chose the number according to its title.

yaourt numix-folders

For other operating systems, you might want to check their repositories or possibly Software Centers.

To run the script, from the command line type:


The screenshot below shows the color schemes I used for matching custom colored folders for this theme: Primary- #7cfc00; Secondary- #68c468; Symbol- #ffffff.

Numix FoldersOf course the Numix icons need to be installed in order to use Numix Folders. They come in basic (with rounded corners), circle and square shaped designs. Head over the Numix Project GitHub page, and there are installation instructions on each icon style’s page. Arch users can search for the icons in yaourt with yaourt numix.

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