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Update on JGD-BizElite changes


In the last post for JGD-BizElite, I indicated that its theme options page was going to be converted over to the Customizer and the next version was going to be 0.3. Since promising to make the theme responsive in a following update, I decided to keep working on this and roll both into one update. JGD-BizElite will now be version 1.0 and will be released very soon minus the Custom HTML section.

I have been working on the separate plugin for Custom HTML. It is to be named “JGD-BizElite Custom HTML” after the theme it was derived from. What is most important is making sure the user CSS input is safe and valid. I’m not sure, but I may or may not have to change the interface in regards to input safety (validation and sanitization). Below, I present screenshots of JGD-BizElite, as well as some of the plugin’s Customizer settings.

JGD-BizElite responsive magazine layout

This image represents JGD-BizElite’s new responsive magazine layout, which uses percentage widths.

JGD-BizElite in iPad (tablet) width

JGD-BizElite scaled to tablet (iPad) width. Notice the taller line-height?

JGD-BizElite sidebar

This is the floated sidebar widget section, moved to the bottom of the page in tablet widths.

JGD-BizElite menu on mobile phone

JQuery dropdown menu scaled to 100% width for mobile phones

JGD-BizElite photo gallery

Responsive gallery with images stacked vertically.

For the plugin…

HTML and CSS input boxes in JGD BizElite Custom HTML plugin

Here are the HTML and CSS input boxes in the Customizer for JGD-BizElite Custom HTML. Some validation and sanitization work is still needed here.

JGD-BizElite Custom HTML plugin's bounding box options

These options add margins around the box that holds the outputted HTML. Some themes may have fixed width elements that cover the box. Float options are also offered.

These are not the absolute final designs, especially for the plugin. Some minor tweaks may still be needed for both before final release. They will be coming soon.

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