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Blue Green Blast Tutorials Removed From Squidoo


As many people may know by now, Squidoo has made recent changes to it’s content policies. More information can be found on the policy update page. Because of the new changes, some of my lenses have been locked, including the follow-ups to the Fancy Web Layout Gimp tutorial.

Some of these may have come off as sounding repetitive (ie duplicate content), but the nature of these articles involves repeating certain information. What these tutorials are not is spun content written for search engines. I consider my content, for the most part, original. I decided to move these articles here to my blog and remove the copies from Squidoo. This process will take a little bit of time.

Many thanks go to everyone who read my tutorials on Squidoo as well as future readers here on Jason G. Designs.

*Update- As of 6/23, most if not all of the tutorials have been flagged, so they will all be removed.

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