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Mixin’ Styles


Mixin’ Styles is a free premium level theme. This theme makes use of advanced CSS 3 features such as rounded corners, text shadow and font embedding, but renders just fine in browsers that do not support CSS 3. You can change several color schemes and backgrounds from the Styling theme options page. In addition, you can upload a custom logo.

General features:

  • Fluid layout- stretches to fit all browser sizes greater than 800px wide
  • Widget friendly
  • WordPress custom menu compatibility
  • Pages based drop down menu as default
  • “Date stamp” images and styled sticky posts
  • Most html tags styled
  • Internet Explorer 7 compatibility

CSS 3 features:

  • Rounded corners
  • Embedded fonts

Theme options page features:

  • Settings API based page
  • Database safe- making sure all fields are sanitized for proper data
  • Ability for blog owners to easily change background colors, add background images and add a logo

* CSS 3 features, except for font embedding, do not work in Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Focus based highlighting (where a text box or textarea changes color when clicked) does not work in Internet Explorer 7.


Theme version: 0.2
Works with WordPress version: 2.8+ (with 3.0 only features)
Tested in browsers: Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7
Questions?/Fixes?: Use contact form below
Fixed/Fluid Layout?: Fluid
Minimum Width/Width: 800 pixels- minimum
Portfolio/Contact: www.jgpws.com/portfolio

Download “Mixin' Styles theme download” mixin-styles026.zip – Downloaded 569 times – 2 MB

How to Install this theme

* If you are using this theme with the Theme Switcher plugin, please see the post About theme options pages and the Theme Switcher plugin.

Screenshots and theme preview


0.1 (11/29/11)

I just realized the folder structure for all of my themes is probably zipped incorrectly. The folder structure should be folder.zip > folder, instead it is folder_zip.zip > folder_zip > folder. Themes may not install correctly using WordPress’s theme Upload feature. Each theme’s folder structure has now been corrected.

0.2 (12/07/11)

Made Mixin’ Styles backward compatible for WordPress versions below 3.0, where post image thumbnails and custom menu support do not appear in versions below 2.9 or 3.0, but the theme still works below 3.0.

Added support for WP 2.9 image thumbnails

Added three new styles to the theme options page: “Khaki”, “Tan” and “Sandstone”.

0.2.1 (12/11/11)

Installed and used the Theme Check plugin (in my testing environment) to bring this theme up to current theme development best practices. Changes include support for paginated posts, post tags display, automatic feed links and inclusion of a comments.php file using newer standards. Changes have been made to the underlying code so the theme doesn’t use template tags that may be deprecated in the future.

0.2.2 (12/13/11)

Important update! I made the comment form backward compatible for WordPress versions below 3.0. With the comment form using 3.0 only code, the theme will break in versions below 3.0! In addition, I added styling to the comment form.

0.2.3 (12/14/11)

Fixed feed links to be backward compatible for WP 2.9 only. Correctly implemented automatic feed links for WP 3.0 by removing hard coded rss links in the header. Changed the capabilities for the options page in the add_theme_page function to ‘edit_theme_options’ instead of ‘manage_options’.

0.2.4 (12/16/11)

Adjusted underlying code so the content is read by the browser before the sidebar. Adjusted the accompanying CSS accordingly. Placed bold and italic Walkway embedded font via conditional comment into ie.css with different font family names, so bold and italic fonts render correctly in IE. Styled the blockquote tag.

0.2.5 (12/21/11)

Important update for WP 2.9- users. Added a legacy comments file to replace the existing one that works with WP 3.0 because if WP 2.9 or below does not recognize the comment_form tag, the reply section disappears. Now, the alternate comments template is loaded via a filter that looks for the comment_form function; if it doesn’t exist, the filter loads legacy.comments.php. legacy.comments.php is still compatible with the wp_list_comments function.

0.2.6 (12/27/11)

Fixed widgetizing for the sidebar. Before widgets were rendered without surrounding li tags, producing invalid code. li tags are now added to the register_sidebar function.

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