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Scary Halloween Shirts at JGD’s Tees


Now available at my Zazzle store JGD’s Tees are three Halloween themed t-shirts. Because the following may frighten small children, the apparel items are rated PG-13 and this post is recommended for that audience. The only way you could purchase these shirts without signing up for a Zazzle account is from this blog page.

These line art designs are very likely to be impressive under a black light, making them appear out of nowhere, as they feature bright line colors. Below are three frightening apparitions that comprise the Horror Faces series.

Melted Flesh

“This ghastly green apparition is sure to scare anyone who comes across this shirt.”


“Screamer is a horrific face plastered to the front of your shirt. Wearing hatchet friendly flannel, Screamer is someone who you don’t want to run into in the woods.”


“Uh oh. It looks like this person stood too close to the golf course and suffered a horrible accident. He has golf balls lodged in his eye sockets! This shocking site is placed on a t-shirt as part of the Horror Faces series.”

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  1. Hey thanks for fresh stuff here! By the way I wanted to ask about material. From where are you getting these ideas?

    1. jgpws says:

      These monsters are made up. Some may be based on masks I’ve seen along the way.

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