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My Zazzle PG-13 Items


If you’ve been an artist at Zazzle for a while or have seen areas of someone’s store with items you couldn’t see without a Zazzle account, then you have probably come across Zazzle’s rating system. Products that are rated G show up in the marketplace and can be promoted there. Products rated PG-13 and R do not show up in the marketplace for those who do not have a Zazzle account, however, products rated PG-13 and up can be promoted from outside of Zazzle.

My store, JGD’s Tees, features some PG-13 items presented below. These are the items Zazzle won’t show you!

The WTF? Collection

“Express how you feel when you copy and paste code in online software and it screws the code up. This trendy design allows you to ask WTF? in style.”

WTF? Apparel- design 2 shirt
WTF? Apparel- design 2 by jgdstees
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Humorous “Get Off My Car’s Ass” Bumper Sticker

“Are you sick of tailgaiting drivers who ride close to the back of your car? Let them know your boundaries with this bumper sticker. It features sleek chrome artwork and is designed for Zazzle- fully customizable.”

Look for Halloween themed PG-13 items coming soon in a separate post… In the meanwhile, checkout other items offered at JGD’s Tees.

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