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Welcome to Jason G. Designs. This is the first introductory post.

My interests are designing WordPress themes, Cafepress templates and my own general websites JGPWS.com and JGD’s Tees. One of my other interests is amusement parks and fairs (particularly rides). What Goes Up is the website I created for thrill ride fans.

Jason G. Designs is written for blog owners who are looking for new themes to add to their collection, Cafepress store owners who are looking for store templates outside of Cafepress’s offerings, and finally, readers looking for practical put-into-use web design tips and tutorials.

Enjoy reading and I hope you find something personally valuable within the pages of this blog.

Note: I currently have ZoneAlarm as my firewall and a message is coming up saying “The Web site is suspicious…”. ZoneAlarm gives this message to any website registered less than three months ago. You can ignore this, as there is no spyware or phishing on this site.

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